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At, we are proud to offer the best pheromones for men available on the market. We’re so proud of the quality of our men’s pheromones and colognes that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee!

The strength of the scent of our pheromones varies. You can mix your own or control the amount you apply. So the strength of the scent is completely up to you. Our favorite Men’s Pheromones are Chikara Unscented for Men and Liquid Trust Pheromones for men.

If you’re looking for the best pheromones for men, look no further. Try one of our men’s pheromone colognes, or if you’re just curious, check out our pheromone samples. Shop for the ultimate female aphrodisiac on our online superstore and pick up the best men’s pheromones today! Whether you prefer scented or unscented pheromones, we have the right choice for you.

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Pheromone Packets

Alter Ego Pheremone Packets For Men Same proven pheromone formula as its bottled predecessor, Alter Ego Gel Packs for Men are easy to carry and apply. Alter Ego Pheromones are non-oily and an inexpensive way to try a new product out before investing in a bottle. Price: $14.95 Add to cart NOTE: Alter Ego Pheromone […]

Scent Of Eros Men’s Pheromone Product

Scent Of Eros Men’s Pheromone Product Scent of Eros Men’s Pheromone Cologne is a powerful and unique pheromone formula created by James V. Kohl the famous pheromone author and researcher. Eros: Son of Aphrodite, goddess of beauty; god of love. Scent of Eros Men’s Pheromone Product is the perfect product for pheromone newbies and ideal […]

Primal Instinct Men’s Pheromone Product

Primal Instinct Men’s Pheromone Product Featured In A Dateline Special As The Most Potent Physical Attraction Pheromone which comes in an unscented version which is virtually free of any pheromone smell and draws women close. Primal Instinct contains 5mg Androstenone per bottle. Don’t be surprised if the next time you walk into the club wearing […]

Chikara Men’s Pheromone Product

Chikara Men’s Pheromone Product Chikara contains an all-new proprietary formula of the 3 pheromones found in most of the top-selling pheromone products, PLUS 4 new pheromones never before used in perfumery. It comes in a 15ml spray bottle and has an alcohol base. This pheromone cologne for men comes in a scented or unscented version. […]


Alter Ego Men’s Scented Pheromone Product

Alter Ego Men’s Scented Pheromone Product Alter Ego Pheromone for Men is for guys who’ve never tried pheromones before. It is the perfect beginner’s pheromone. Unlike other pheromone products that can come on too strong, Alter Ego smells great right out of the bottle with and works well without a cover scent. Price: $49.95 Add […]